Laurence Montano

After arts studies that instilled in him a taste for a slightly surrealistic symbolism, Laurence Montano set up shop as an interior decorator in the Eighties and Nineties, only to decide later to dedicate himself exclusively to designing, for the most part, wall décors, furnitures, as well as décorative art objects that are treated as full-fledged sculpture.

His first works were in plaster, a quintessentially sculptor’s medium that led him quite naturally to bronze, which he has favored in his recent pieces. His objects possess the precition of Egyptian bas-reliefs, bring to mind Etruscan and antique lines, while conjuring up a restrained Africa. Their presence is without concession to effects of decor.

Furniture by Laurence Montano be tables or consoles, floor lamps or armchairs while fulfilling a precise, efficient fonction, command respect especially as authentic works of art. They give joy to the eyes that they have captivated.