Portrait de l'artiste Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua

Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua

Perched, suspended, always higher!

Close to the stars, a wing, a feather, a shard of light, a ray which pierces your eye, 

a shard, a spark, soft and warm, as fine and sharp as a blade, 

Nathalie’s work illuminates space.

Rising out of the alchemy of fire, between heaven and earth, it is the suspended realm…

Gravity defying, perched objects, fabulous celestial bodies, an encounter with another dimension…

When she was 8, Nathalie would look at the stars, the planes, the clouds, the sky and the universe smiling down on her.

Her father was an aeronautical engineer, her uncle was behind Concorde and Airbus. To general consternation, Nathalie bought a one-way ticket to the Opéra de Paris, armed without knowing it with the precision of a fighter pilot’s gaze.

Days, weeks, months, years passed, and after a thousand curtain calls in Paris, Tokyo, Moscow and London

under the expert eye of her mentors Rudolf Noureev, Jérome Robbins and Mats Ek, Nathalie flew ever higher, ever closer to the stars 

without burning her wings, before landing with a thunder clap in what was to become her sculptor’s studio.

To sculpt light, reflections and movement. To fix it in time, space and three dimensions.

Her matter from the outset: sand!

The sand which ran through her fingers as a child, stardust sand, silica which expands and then becomes fire, finally transforming itself, in the hands of the master glaziers of Saint-Just, into precious glass. And like a handful of sand thrown into the sky, remaining perched, suspended, between heaven and earth, shadow and light, Nathalie’s suspensions are now in the sky and shine next to the stars…