Portrait de l'artiste Remy Fontaine

Rémi Fontaine

French ceramist Remi Fontaine started his creative activity in 1991. Born within a family of founders, he has always been in contact with materials and shapes.

After studying model making and working as a prototypist for few years, he started a ceramic training.

In 1993, Remi creates a successful series of household objects which he presents to the most prominent trade exhibition in Paris “Maisons & Objet” for 7 consecutive years. Then came a long collaboration with Vietnamese makers to produce lacquered objects: yet another approach of material and shape…

He teaches ceramic making as well, at Arts et Techniques Céramiques school in Paris 12th Arrondissement.

He is attracted to working with different materials, he likes to adorn simple and minimalist shapes with different textures.

His work for Galerie Mougin well reflects his artistic journey and his passion for contemporary ceramic.