Les Farfelus Farfadets

Thriving on the magical world of the cabinets d’amateurs of the past, this designer duo has left their mark on the world of contemporary objects by revisiting the clichés of these imaginary savant collections, where vestiges of natural history vie with memories of fairy tales.

Their whimsical, child-like papier mâché reproduction of the animal and botanical kingdoms, of corals and geometries, continue to enchant us.

For several years, they have headed toward a completely different tack, one that forces the boundaries of this technique and this lightweight material to the point of making it an argument for true sculpture. Playing on truth and counter verity, the mirrors they frame with large white sheets of paper are elegant bas-reliefs. Their true papier maché evokes plaster or stucco, and these objects of exception hesitate between cultivated irony and her subtile intension for grand sculpture.

For want of allowing you to decide, they have established themselves as an essential argument of grand contemporary decor.