Thierry Leproust

An interior decorator at the onset, who studied at école Boulle in Paris, this artist has led simultaneous careers as a painter as well as a scenographer, both highly recognized.

From 1990, Thierry Leproust has designed furniture and decorative objects that he considers more akin to sculpture than simple, functional objects. All his designs are one of a kind, and can be classified as variations on the theme of the parallelepiped, asserted as the essential form of all utilitarian functions.

The systematic refusal of all formal gratuitous effects, the rigorous game between fullness and emptiness, clear-cut, abstract design are the artist’s philosophy.

Sole counterpoint to these rules, very low relief, patinated brass which is frequently studded, adorns his furniture pieces.

These magical secret chests aquire a real depth and mistery that are far from being the least of their appeal.